The Copenhagen Teddy is a tribute to Copenhagen values.

We are delighted to introduce you to the Copenhagen Teddy - a unique and playful approach to fashion, that captures the essence of Denmark in a single, adorable teddy bear head. This special product is not just an ordinary plush toy, but a tribute to some of Denmark's most beloved symbols and values.

The Copenhagen Teddy embodies the following elements:

  • The Royal Life Guard: Representing the pride and tradition of Denmark’s royal household.
  • The Marguerite Daisy: Queen Margrethe's favorite flower, symbolizing the beauty and elegance of Danish nature.
  • The Herring: A classic delicacy in Danish cuisine, reminding us of our strong connection to the sea.
  • The Swan: Denmark's national bird, symbolizing beauty, tranquility, and nature.
  • The Sun: A tribute to the bright Danish summer nights, and our love for outdoor life.
  • The Hotdog: One of Denmark's national dishes, beloved by both children and adults, symbolizing coziness and good times.
  • The Clouds: Reflecting the ever-changing Danish sky and our appreciation for the natural beauty and variety in our weather.
  • The Beer: Celebrating Denmark's rich brewing tradition and our love for social gatherings over a refreshing beer.

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