AW19 + Mads Hilbert

I’m Mads Hilbert. I am a twenty six year old guy who spend most of my time in my apartment messing it up with paper, canvas, oil sticks wooden pieces and all other kinds of tingel tangel with or without any specific use.

I don’t think anything urged me per se, maybe more the opposite, it definitely wasn’t something I grew up with. 

You have to be able to handle questions like “can you make a living out of it” 

The funny thing is that it’s also a question I ask myself. I think of it in small stages, I have to survive a day, then some days after that it’s years, and years become a life at some point. 

But then again it doesn’t hurt to be some moderation of a hustler. Use what’s at hand and take what work you can get. A hustler always survives. Or at least I hope so. 

At some point I realized I couldn’t do anything else.

It can be a bittersweet feeling. I would like to say I couldn’t wait to get out of bed every day, but often you feel a bit overwhelmed and ridiculous. Those days you just want to pull the cover up over your head again and hope for a better day tomorrow.

But then again I think the feeling I feel is similar to what anyone else is feeling when they do what they like to do. Some days you love it some days you hate it. 

I really like my drawings, often it’s them I have the hardest time parting with. They are innocent in a way and they all hold some kind of potential for more 

Besides painting and drawing I also make wooden sculptures at times and one of them I have an almost fatherly connection to. It was a mess making it glue, paint, lacker and wooden pieces every where. I had to clamp it together with many tries. At the end I took it up from the table and stood it up a it was in perfect balance. I named him Solider after that.

I grew up as a blue boy, my sister was pink. And even though I was jealous of my sister’s pink, I liked my blue and still do.

I think colours can be difficult and hard to handle. But like other things in life if you kind of ignore them they make their way in anyway. 

As all a lot of other things in my life my music is very cluttered. 

Right now I am listing a lot to SBTRKTs Go Bang.

- Mads Hilbert